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Alexander Borodin



1987 Tomsk. Personal Exhibition.
Moscow. "Artist's House" in Kuznetskyi Most.
1993 Antwerp. "Marksheym" gallery. Exhibition during the festival
"Antwerp - center of European culture".
1994 Bessheim. Germany. Under the protection of M.Gorbachev
and Princess Ann.
Moscow. Central Artist's House.
Moscow. House of friendship in Vozdvijenka Street.
Moscow. Ex-libris Museum.
1995 Moscow. "Euroart" gallery
Erfurt. "Renaissance in September".
1996 Moscow. Ex-libris Museum.
1999 Moscow. Central Artist's House, "Alla Bulianskaya" gallery.


1982 Bratislava. Koshitza. The VI International Biennale Exhibition
of painting.
1983 "Young artists of USSR and GDR".
1988, 1993 Basel. "Art of the XX century" Annual International fair.
1988 Athens. "Todey" and "Costakis" gallery.
1988, 1989 Helsinki. "Piktum" Ltd., I and II "Ars Sovietica".
1989 Poznan. The International fair "Interart".
1990, 1991 Under the protection of UNESCO:
Berck. Mayor's Building.
Lille. "Contrast" gallery.
Boulogne. "Alternans" gallery.
Le-Tooke, Ruan, Abbeville. "Carlier" gallery.
1991 Barcelona. "Art-Expo". International Art Fair
1991,1992 Paris. The International exhibitions "le Salon" Grand Palais.
1991-1993 Frankfurt. Annual Autumn Art Fair
1992-1996 Frankfurt. Annual Spring Art Fair
1992 Brussels. Strombek (Cultural Center of EES). "Artists of Russia,
Latvia and Lithuania"
1993 Antwerp. "Talent" gallery.
1994 Oman. Al Bustan. Exhibition of Russian artists under the aegis
of Russian Embassy.
1995 Moscow. "Maestro". Central Artist's House.
1996-2001 Moscow. "Art Manege" Annual Art Fair
1997-2001 Moscow. Manege. "Art Salon" Annual Art Fair
1998,1999 Moscow. Central Artist's House. "Art Salon".
1998-2000 Moscow. Charity Auction with the support of Sotheby's
1999 London "Bourlet" Gallery
2000 Moscow. International festival of Architecture and Design


Geneva. Art Museum.
Tomsk. Regional Art Museum
Tomsk. Museum of regional studies.
Kemerovo. Regional picture-gallery.
Russian Ministry of Culture.
Exhibitions Directorate of the Russian Artists' Union.
Ministry of national heritage and culture of Oman.
Poznan. "Theatre and gallery of Anna Korenskaya"
Antwerp. "Transworld Co"
Moscow. "Unibest Bank"
Moscow. "Privat Bank"
"British American Tobacco"
"Deloitte & Touche"